Thou shalt have a fishy on a little dishy,

Filey Fishing Coble Boats have been a feature of our visits for many years and an inspiration for my artwork for more than seven. On the Coble Landing (the ramp between sea and shore) boats are dragged on wheels by a rusty tractor to their ‘parking’ spots. Two boats ‘Margaret’ and ‘Beth’ were long standing icons, sadly not there anymore but permanently ‘resting’ no longer sea worthy in a car park in the town. The fishing industry has seen and continues to see significant change so perhaps my images represent a past time, a memory. A reminder of fishing, of family holidays by the sea and moments of happiness.

I’m reminded when painting them of the North East traditional folk song ‘Dance Ti Thy Daddy’ of around 1849 including the words:

“Thou shalt have a fishy on a little dishy,

Thou shalt have a fishy when the boat comes in

Dance to thy daddy, sing ti thy mammy

Dance to thy daddy, ti thy mammy sing”

When the boat comes in

You shall have a fishy