TALKING…Art in the Pen

For several years I’ve had the pleasure of exhibiting at Art in the Pen in Skipton. This annual event of contemporary art showcases work by some 200 artists and attracts an audience from far and wide (one person I talked with ‘up’ from Leicestershire).

While sales of work are very much the intention it is also great to talk to people. To interact, receive their comments and views, to answer the questions (like how have you done that?)[To some paint application other than a brush!] And to encourage people. Yes, encourage people.

The overall quality of work in show is excellent. Which for some visitors who are potential future exhibitors or ‘dabblers’ (as someone described themselves) it can be daunting. Do they have the confidence to continue with their work is often an issue. For me encouraging people to create art is essential. They often show me pictures of their work – on their phone – perhaps believing that I’m some sort of art expert. I dismiss the ‘expert’ handle and why should I judge. However I do attempt to support them by hopefully raising their spirits, building their self belief and trying to inspire them to carry on.

Talking with visitors at the show is wonderful. Equally the opportunity to talk with other artists is brilliant.

It seems my work is wow, cheerful, distinct and stunning. These are expressions of emotion generate by art and not just mine. I like that.