People are buying art…

While I’ve had two major exhibitions ‘delayed’ (Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough & Art in the Pen, Skipton) I’m pleased to say that there are still people who are enquiring and buying art.

Sales directly from the website are continuing and despite the lockdown, but with strict social distancing, it has been a delight to show people my work – they stand outside on the studio patio while I stay inside and present paintings to them for their selection.

It seems strange not to invite them into the studio, not to give them a cup of tea, not to shake their hands…but, as we all know, it’s currently a fact of life.

Sadly art venues are really suffering and I’m pleased to say that in an attempt to provide some financial support I’ve donated the boat painting ‘Beached’ as a raffle prize to hopefully help raise funds for the continuation of Art in the Pen in Skipton.

Like many artists carrying on painting has been of great benefit and we have witnessed a real interest in making art by many people. Long may it continue.