The conflict of delicacy and power

Trying to achieve a reasonable likeness full of all the subtle colours of paintings using low resolution images for your website really detracts from their impact. But what can you do?
Of course actually seeing pictures live, in the flesh (so to speak) is the answer giving you a real feeling of their delicacy and their power.
Much of my work tries to convey that ‘conflict’ of delicacy and power – between those crisp lines and that rough confusion. Between, for example, the beautiful lines of a boat’s hull contrasted with the weather and water battered irregularity of the paintwork just below the surface.
This tension also continues between aspects of the paintings that are clearly referenced to their subject matter – boats, fish etc. Yet there is a distinct abstraction within the paintings that significantly moves them away from direct photographic depiction allowing the viewer to use their own imagination.
Naturally my paintings reflect the themes that specifically interest me and my experiences. I also hope they mirror and are an echo of something you know, you’ve experienced, you like.

Filey coble boat Rusting on the Landing £165.00