Noticing Things

In his book “Playing the Gallery” Grayson Perry quotes a child who when asked “What do you think a contemporary artist does?” gave the reply “They notice things.” I like that.

Noticing things is something I can relate to. Being aware of something and painting it seems to be just what I do. I also like it because I’ve often found it not easy to wear the badge ‘artist’. After art school I went into the commercial world and therefore left the art world behind. I’ve never regretted it and starting to paint later in life and only for the last few years, has reinvigorated me creatively.

My work reflects the things I notice and often from a specific and different angle or viewpoint. My pictures have the attributes of works of art – paint, canvas, varnish, and subject. They also sell so I assume that it’s because people like them.

In the higher echelons of the art world where money, fashion and vested interest are predominant and are assumed to imply superiority perhaps there is a tendency for people to look down on the simple but important emotional reaction of ‘liking’ something.

So for me being partial to a work of art and liking it is reason enough to buy it and perhaps I should now recognise that as an artist I’m doing something I like.