Mad March

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks and I’ve felt like a Mad March Hare
Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining it’s great to be busy.
• On 6th March – Mother’s Day – a couple visited the studio and bought two ‘fish’ paintings.
• On Wednesday 9th March it was off to Neil’s Gallery in Filey to deliver pictures each with a Filey connection – boats, seaside and fish
• On Thursday 10th March confirmation of selection to exhibit at Art In The Pen in Skipton 13th & 14th August 2016
• On Monday 14th March it was to a new Café nr Leeds to deliver and hang my paintings ready for their official opening.
And around these dates and ongoing there’s also been the call to create new work – currently including boat and fish images.
I started painting a few years ago after a commercial career and though I originally had an art school training (sculpture) I had never painted until I retired.
I’ve sold and continue to sell work at exhibitions and on-line although initially it wasn’t easy. This wasn’t a case of the pictures not selling; they do, but having spent time and effort creating something I still have a tinge of regret to see them go. But when you pick up a brush and start a new painting that initial sadness soon fades.
There are of course consolations. Yes receiving a fee is great because it naturally helps fund more work, more materials and allows me to paint the things that specifically interest me. More importantly for me it’s wonderful and very satisfying that people like my work enough to hang it on their walls.
It’s been a mad but eventful early March – long may it continue


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