If you can take the opportunity…

I assume most artists who take their own photographs of their work are disappointed with the results…particularly if using even a good quality ‘snap’ camera.

The outcomes are often poor in terms of focus, colour representation, light source and general overall quality. It’s also difficult to effectively show the canvas surface, how the paint has been applied and the subtle variations in colour, feeling and tone.

Unless you employ a professional photographer the images often seen on websites give a reduced vision of the real impact and colour of the original painting.  Added to which images on the web are regularly ‘reduced’ or ‘compressed’ in terms of sizes to aid uploading and viewing on-line.

So if you can take the opportunity to view artwork directly in a gallery, at an art event or in the artist’s studio then I’d urge you to do so.  So far this year I’ve two main exhibitions, one in Scarborough and another in Skipton. By the way I’m not represented by a gallery and I don’t exhibit my work a lot so if you would like to see my paintings ‘for real’ why not pencil the dates in your diary. Or contact me….


The Tides InThrough the Wood £295.00