How Big?

All my current paintings for sale are 76 x 76 cm (30” x 30”) [well all but two that is]. All are in impasto acrylic on ‘block’ canvas which means they don’t necessarily need framing. They are varnished to enhance the colour, as if that’s needed (!), and the canvas edges are painted white and each painting is strung, signed and ready to hang.

Of course the dimensions of the paintings gives them impact and when first hung they may seem dominant but that would be true of anything new added or placed in a space to which you’ve become accustom.  Initially a few of my customers thought that the painting size and the space they had available would not be compatible…but their early reservations were dispelled when the pictures were hung.

So perhaps when choosing a painting forget about the size or the possible space available to hang it, buy it because you like it and enjoy it wherever it’s placed


Wood on Stone 2

Wood on Stone 1