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At the Fair…

Some good comments about my work at Art in the Pen which massages the ego and also painting sales which massages the ‘must buy more paints and brushes’ fund.

As usual the fair gives space to a wide range of artists covering a variety of ‘medium’ including paintings, drawings, weaving, pottery, jewellery, furniture, sculpture and much more. So the choice is great, the competition is stiff and when your work sells – which is the whole point – then that’s fantastic.

Selling paintings that usually have a higher price that many other items in the fair is never easy and this year was no exception. So typically some exhibitors will have had a more successful fair than others.

Perhaps this year those smaller value items have done well? Certainly I’ve seen artists who ‘transfer’ their painting images onto other items – like cards, coasters and mugs – sell these BUT… perhaps at the cost of not selling their paintings?

This year, like last year, my smaller value items – the wooden Christmas trees – sold out. So with these and the painting sales – particularly of my boats (one of which is off to sunny Portugal) then for me it’s been well worthwhile


Filey Coble Boat Side £175The Last Filey Coble Boat £165Glorious Filey Beach £150.00TILES 2

Diary Date…

See me at…Art in the Pen (Pen number 111)  Skipton,  Sat 13th & Sun 14th August 2016.

After exhibiting for the first time at Art in the Pen in 2015 I’m looking forward to this selling Contemporary Art Fair this year

I’ve new paintings; new greeting cards and Christmas trees (yes little handmade wooden Christmas trees!)

Pop in…


The Last Filey Coble Boat £165

In the Net £160P1040629Broken Stern No2 £165

Love the Isle of Lewis

A mid April highlight was a second visit to the Isle of Lewis.

This year we toured the whole island returning to a delightful cottage within a short distance of the great Reef (Riof) Beach.

Otter watching, eagle spotting, whisky drinking and the occasional slice of salmon topped the week. The weather was ‘kind’ after initially travelling through snow storms on our way upwards to the ferry at Ullapool.

Now starting a whole new series of paintings based on the Island and some of the boats. ‘Broken Stern’ is the first (sold). So will have a new selection of work to exhibit at Art in the Pen in Skipton on 13th & 14 August.


Mad March

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks and I’ve felt like a Mad March Hare
Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining it’s great to be busy.
• On 6th March – Mother’s Day – a couple visited the studio and bought two ‘fish’ paintings.
• On Wednesday 9th March it was off to Neil’s Gallery in Filey to deliver pictures each with a Filey connection – boats, seaside and fish
• On Thursday 10th March confirmation of selection to exhibit at Art In The Pen in Skipton 13th & 14th August 2016
• On Monday 14th March it was to a new Café nr Leeds to deliver and hang my paintings ready for their official opening.
And around these dates and ongoing there’s also been the call to create new work – currently including boat and fish images.
I started painting a few years ago after a commercial career and though I originally had an art school training (sculpture) I had never painted until I retired.
I’ve sold and continue to sell work at exhibitions and on-line although initially it wasn’t easy. This wasn’t a case of the pictures not selling; they do, but having spent time and effort creating something I still have a tinge of regret to see them go. But when you pick up a brush and start a new painting that initial sadness soon fades.
There are of course consolations. Yes receiving a fee is great because it naturally helps fund more work, more materials and allows me to paint the things that specifically interest me. More importantly for me it’s wonderful and very satisfying that people like my work enough to hang it on their walls.
It’s been a mad but eventful early March – long may it continue


Heading to Whitby £120Whitby Trawler WY.77 £130

The conflict of delicacy and power

Trying to achieve a reasonable likeness full of all the subtle colours of paintings using low resolution images for your website really detracts from their impact. But what can you do?
Of course actually seeing pictures live, in the flesh (so to speak) is the answer giving you a real feeling of their delicacy and their power.
Much of my work tries to convey that ‘conflict’ of delicacy and power – between those crisp lines and that rough confusion. Between, for example, the beautiful lines of a boat’s hull contrasted with the weather and water battered irregularity of the paintwork just below the surface.
This tension also continues between aspects of the paintings that are clearly referenced to their subject matter – boats, fish etc. Yet there is a distinct abstraction within the paintings that significantly moves them away from direct photographic depiction allowing the viewer to use their own imagination.
Naturally my paintings reflect the themes that specifically interest me and my experiences. I also hope they mirror and are an echo of something you know, you’ve experienced, you like.

Whitby Trawler WY.77 £130Filey coble boat Rusting on the Landing £165.00

NEW Boat paintings prompted by sales

Following a successful Art in the Pen which saw my boat paintings selling well I’ve painted several more – with one sold already!
Art in the Pen was a great opportunity for me to display my work to a wider audience and my Filey Coble Boat paintings proved very popular so much so that I’ve started to create further versions. So far, in the last few weeks, I’ve created three new paintings – with one already sold to a visitor who just ‘missed out’ at Art in the Pen on the day.
More to follow? Well probably!



Filey Coble on the Landing £165Filey coble boat Rusting on the Landing £165.00

The Last Filey Coble Boat SOLD

Sore feet, but worth all the leg work

As well as the usual running around, spending over 6 hours on each of two days just standing on your feet certainly makes them ache. But it’s all too good effect when your pictures sell and you know your labours are appreciated.
That’s the result of me exhibiting for the first time at the ‘Art in the Pen’ show in Skipton. With plenty of exhibitors and lots of visitors it’s a great opportunity to have your ego massaged (“I love your work”) but also, importantly, to sell your wares.

With a varied collection of paintings, sculpture, crafts, furniture, jewellery and pottery the show was celebrating its 10th Anniversary. Established within the sheep and cattle pens of the local Auction Mart the show provides an ideal venue with exhibitors each having their own ‘pen’.
My ‘stall’ was number 75 and as well as meeting some interesting customers and selling some of my paintings and ’Kindle’ trees, it was great to ‘chew the fat’ and exchange ideas and views with fellow exhibitors in ‘pens’ nearby – in particular Chrissie, Lisa and Helen. Great atmosphere and well organised by Andy.
So happily now more leg work in the form of more painting in the hope of showing again next year.


Seeing it in real life

Images of paintings on web and/or social media sites are fine but with a need to ‘compress’ images to cope with the requirements of file size and loading means they can lose their subtleness and complexity of colour and detail. So, it was great today to invite a family to see my pictures in ‘real life’ in my studio. While they had an idea which painting they wanted (and bought) when they saw others in their true colours they decided to buy another one as well. If you would like to see my pictures in real life you can visit my studio or see me at Art in the Pen, Skipton, 15 th &16th August.




Art in the Pen – Skipton Auction Mart

Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th August 2015 (10.00am – 4pm) see me and my work at Art in the Pen – acknowledged as one of the region’s best contemporary art fairs.

Filey CobleI’m on hand throughout the show to introduce you to my pictures. On display will be paintings of Filey coble boats, fish, rocks inspired by the Isle of Lewis and more.

Paintings, in varnished acrylic, are generally 30” x 30” square on ‘chunky’ canvas – so they don’t need framing and are strung ready for hanging.

Time to add some extra colour to those magnolia walls perhaps?

And for just £15.00 each you could also treat yourself to a ‘kindle’ tree or two (no not a picture of a tree on Kindle!)

Inspirational Uig (pronounced U…ig) – August 2014

Eagles, deer, seals, white sand, azure skies, smoked salmon, hand dived scallops and a whole week of sunshine made a recent trip to the Isle of Lewis a very memorable and inspirational holiday.

rocky-beachWith time to sketch and photograph (as well as building sand castles!) Uig, which is on the West side of Lewis, is an idyllic, quiet setting to discover the rocks, rock pools, beaches, seaweed and landscape for a new selection of paintings.

So the long drive (9hrs) to Ullapool, the three hour ferry crossing to Stornaway and the 1 hour drive to the cottage was duly rewarded by this remote and beautiful Outer Hebrides Isle.

My new paintings are a contemporary reflection on this stunning landscape

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