At the Fair…

Some good comments about my work at Art in the Pen which massages the ego and also painting sales which massages the ‘must buy more paints and brushes’ fund.

As usual the fair gives space to a wide range of artists covering a variety of ‘medium’ including paintings, drawings, weaving, pottery, jewellery, furniture, sculpture and much more. So the choice is great, the competition is stiff and when your work sells – which is the whole point – then that’s fantastic.

Selling paintings that usually have a higher price that many other items in the fair is never easy and this year was no exception. So typically some exhibitors will have had a more successful fair than others.

Perhaps this year those smaller value items have done well? Certainly I’ve seen artists who ‘transfer’ their painting images onto other items – like cards, coasters and mugs – sell these BUT… perhaps at the cost of not selling their paintings?

This year, like last year, my smaller value items – the wooden Christmas trees – sold out. So with these and the painting sales – particularly of my boats (one of which is off to sunny Portugal) then for me it’s been well worthwhile


The Last Filey Coble Boat £165TILES 2