The artwork of Yorkshire Artist Tony Dexter

Original – all my paintings are unique. They’re not prints. I don’t do prints.

Colourful – my paintings are bright, vivid, lively and vibrant.

Interesting – I choose views and angles of subjects that are distinctive

Intriguing – through their own imagination clients often see images within the painted image

Distinctive – each painting is individual in its spirit and feel


  • The Great North Art Show (Ripon),
  • Art in the Pen (Skipton) [numerous times]
  • Stephen Joseph Theatre Gallery (Scarborough)
  • Neil’s Gallery (Filey)
  • Seagull Gallery (Filey) [regularly featured]
  • The Gallery at the Art Shop (Ilkley) [regularly featured]
  • Craven Arts

Many of my paintings are also sold directly from the website.

Tech Bits

I use acrylic paint on canvas that is varnished to create a fantastically colourful and bold finish.

My paintings are generally on block canvas, which means they don’t need framing and the majority are sized at 30″ x 30″ (76 x 76cm).

The work is labelled, signed and strung ready for hanging

Please note: Every effort is made to reflect the true colour of actual paintings however website images may slightly differ due to reproduction and screen resolution


After studying and gaining a degree in sculpture in the late 1960’s my art took a back seat as I undertook a commercial career in advertising, marketing and subsequently business consulting.

However retiring around 2015 gave be the opportunity to restart my artistic work and I began painting for the first time.

Of course painting for oneself as distinct from my past business related work often working on behalf of others is a joy as is the fact that people buy my paintings. Thank you.



Please note: All paintings and images are © Tony Dexter

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